An important part of Courageous' mission is to engage with youth year-round  to have the largest impact possible. Courageous Inc. offers several summer camps and programs to keep the community engaged while school is out. 


Courageous is proud to partner with Wayne State to offer Summer Football Camps, and with Hollywood Golf Institute to offer high quality golf instruction. 

You can learn more about each of these programs below.

Courageous is also offering the Courageous Track Club for young athletes who want to keep training for track & Field in the summer months. For detailed information, visit the Track & Field Club website.


Email:         Phone: (313) 930-6345




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On June 21, 2013 Courageous Inc. partnered with Wayne State University to hold a youth football camp. Over 100 youth attended the camp at Wayne State's Tom Adams Field. Offensive and Defensive drills were administered by Wayne State coaches, as well as a tour of the campus. Courageous Inc. would like to thank Wayne State University Athletics, donors, and volunteers who worked diligently to make this camp a success.





Courageous Inc. presents its second annual free football camp for youth athletes at Wayne State University Saturday, June 21, 2014. The football camp will be in accordance with the NFL Play 60 initiative and Detroit native, Larry Foote of the Arizona Cardinals, Best Foot Forward organization. Detroit Public School (DPS) student athletes and the American Youth Football League (AFL) will be the primary participants. The Ambassador Bridge Co. Matty Moroun, Greektown Casino, and Continental Foods will be major sponsors for this year’s camp.





Courageous Inc. presents Courageous Track Club; a track and field team for boys and girls ages 8-18. All are welcomed, whether you are new to competitive running or familiar with running competitively.


Coached by former Central Michigan standout sprinter Johnie Drake, Courageous Track Club offers two seasons; indoor track and field during the winter and outdoor track and field during the summer. This program is designed to provide youth athletes running, jumping, and throwing skills for specific track and field events. The atmosphere will be fun, informative, competitive, and sociable.


Courageous Track Club is dedicated to educating young athletes in an open atmosphere while participating in sports. Honesty, loyalty, and communication are values CTC admires most. Confidence and faith will guide the choices of CTC coaches and athletes. Belief in oneself is contagious and will help increase self-confidence in each athlete. Through trials and tribulations, faith will be the cornerstone through tough decisions and events. Courageous Track Club’s motto is, “Work hard, Work smart.” It is imperative to train hard, but it is also important to know when rest and recuperation are required. Knowledge is limitless, so CTC will always be in search of new and innovative ways to coach.


Courageous Track Club’s goal is to inform and teach young athletes the importance of self-confidence, team work, and health through the participation in sports. The experiences each participant encounters as a member of Courageous Track Club will be beneficial for the duration of their life.


For any questions regarding joining CTC please email




1. Reached 4,000 youth

2. Provided golf instruction to 100+ Detroit area schools

3. Has 26 colleges scouting her programs

4. 10+ students in collegiate level golfers



Courageous is proud to partner with Hollywood Golf Institute to offer the highest quality golf instruction in Detroit. Founded in 1980 by Selina Johnson, HGI's mission is to introduce urban, minority youth to the sport of golf and its inherent aspects of discipline, patience, goal setting, personal achievement, communication and networking. Johnson and the Hollywood Golf Institute have gained national and international acclaim for their dedication to providing golf education and knowledge of the game to youth ages 4-17 as well as college students. Today, Johnson's students compete at local, national and collegiate levels with 26 colleges scouting the HGI, inspiring 4,000 youth. Johnson aims to also give students life learning skills, integrating STEM into her training. Learn more below:


The scientific aspect of golf is the hands-on approach of the scientific method. The technology of golf continues to expland and develop through equipment and training. The engineering of range finders, GPS, launch monitors, courses, UV resistant fibers continue to change the composition of the sport. Mathematics begin with the introuciton of numbers which are applied in golf through yardage, part schore, putts, and swing fractions.