The mission of Courageous Inc is to create and strengthen infrastructures that support the positive development of Wayne County youth through athletic participation and competition. 


Courageous Inc. is dedicated to the goal of encouraging the positive social development of urban children as one component of a broad, united effort working towards the rebirth of the city’s communities and the City of Detroit as a whole. Because of the alarming plight of urban children, I believe we must engage our youth on a scale previously never before envisioned.

Collaborating with organizations who provide needed social service 

assistance and promote healthy lives for children who have been stagnated by a system that hold our families back.


We aim to redirect youth away from the temptations on the street by providing community supported extra-curricular activities.


  • Young people need a variety of opportunities, safe places and caring adults and peers as they grow and develop.

  • Young people must be active participants in their learning and development to be productive citizens

  • Nurturing young people and families foster the growth of healthy communities.

  • An intentional focus on the positive development of young people through involvement in athletics will lead to more effective and practical policies, programs, and practices.

  • Changes in information, attitudes, and involvement will lead to increased support for youth development activities.